Drunken Monkey

Branding, Media, Digital Marketing & L&D

About the NEED.

Drunken Monkey is smoothie chain with over 60 cafes across India, focused on serving a huge range of smoothies, along with music, games, merchandise and community. As a brand with a unique persona they wanted to be vibrant and different, to showcase their products, their people and culture.

We collaborated with them to help bring together the company’s vision, internally through branding and L&D and externally to their audience, with Design, Media, Digital Marketing, Print and BTL . With the launch of the “Naturally High”campaign, we brought together their vision to their audience of WHO Drunken Monkey is, WHAT they believe in, its people and products.

Impact by the NUMBERS


Social Media Follower growth

40 events

Visibility growth (events)

61 cafes

Increase in stores/cafes


Increase in Footfall


Increase in Online Orders

75 people

Company Growth


The campaign challenged the idea that you needed anything but what’s real, natural and simple to be happy. Naturally High became more than a marketing strategy. It is now their identity. Drunken Monkey is currently our ongoing success stories.


Putting in place a unique identity of “Funk. With a mission.”

A Unique Brand Identity:

Drunken Monkey wanted their brand to be a reflection of who they are and who they aim to be. We brought together three main aspects of the brand identity to bring out their vision:
A look and feel that is vibrant, colourful and expressive but clean and bold. A brand voice that is cheeky and real but never cute or bland. And bringing their “Monkey” into focus as a mascot. Overall bringing together the feel of a friendly, healthy, adventurous and chilled out brand.

Managing change from the ground up:

Branding does not work if the change is only at the communication level. We conducted workshops and put in processes that helped internalise the brand’s mission and promise.

Digital media solution.

Today’s consumer is health conscious, seeks meaning and experiences. The Drunken Monkey embodies feeling joy that is wholesome and far-reaching. We suggested capitalising on what the Monkey already had going for itself. We chose the medium of animated media and motion graphics to share their message, along with an audience reach strategy that brought into focus their brand through their products, people and persona.


Other projects with drunken monkey


Merchandise and packaging

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